The Sarepta International Foundation was started after the earthquake of January 12, 2010. Our purpose is to provide nutritional, educational, health, and psychological support to the displaced and the less fortunate Haitians living in Haiti and abroad.

Sarepta International Foundation (SIF) is currently providing, with the support of several organizations, food distribution for the relief from hunger, and helping to alleviate suffering by providing appropriate Health Care. We are constantly striving to form strong partnerships between our Haitian health care providers and visiting medical teams.

Sarepta International Foundation is also focused on education at all levels in order to better serve the Haitian people and to help them better provide for themselves in the future. Sarepta operates schools and has an active scholarship program for tuition assistance.

Working as a catalyst, Sarepta International Foundation makes a difference through organizations in not only building the capacity for relief and assistance to people in need, but also in the development of self sustaining care models in health care and education.