Hospital Sarepta

We have secured property in Mombin Lataille, on the National Highway 1, outside of Cap-Haitien. We are scheduled to break ground on the new hospital mid summer. The hospital will provide desperately needed care to the area. We will have a maternity ward, operating room, dental clinic, emergency room, and provide general medical services. Hospital Sarepta will provide laboratory and radiology services. We also look forward to a robust prenatal program with a focus on reducing infant mortality.

We need to raise an additional $510,000 US for the construction of the facility. Following construction, the hospital will be self sustaining for it's day-to-day operations. For more information on this project, contact

Medical Teams

We frequently host visiting medical teams, providing mobile medical clinics to impoverished surrounding communities. It is not uncommon to provide care for over 1,500 people in a week, as these clinics are typically the only access the community has to health care. Many in Haiti go years without access to healthcare.

If you are interested in scheduling a week or more to bring a team please contact