Sarepta International Foundation

Sarepta International Foundation was formed following the earthquake in Haiti in 2010. While our initial focus was in meeting the overwhelming physical and emotional trauma needs, we have evolved into a more generalized healthcare service organization. Our primary focus in Haiti is the improvement of healthcare and job creation. We currently operate Sarepta Hospital in Monbin Lataille, Haiti and a 24/7 medical clinic in remote Ti Bouk, Haiti. We also provide 18-24 mobile clinics throughout Northern Haiti each year. We typically provide care for over 300 patients per day at these clinics.
Through our hospitals and ancillary services, we have currently created over 250 new, full time employment positions in Haiti.

36 Bed hospital in Northern Haiti
Comprehensive mother/baby care
Child wellness vaccination care
Emergency services
Ambulance Transport
Surgical services
Med/Surg care

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Mobile Clinics

36 Bed Hospital

Tropical Disease Clinics

Reduce Infant Mortality

Complete Surgical Services

Comprehensive Maternity Care 

Emergency Services

Ambulance Services

Clinique Mobile
As part of our effort to provide care to the most underserved in Haiti, we provide 18 + mobile clinics throughout Northern Haiti each year. Our Haitian medical teams travel to the most remote locations to set up single and multi-day on-site clinics.
Thanks in large part to the generosity of CMMB, we are able to also freely distribute personal care and hygiene items during these clinics.
These efforts help us work toward A Healthier Haiti.