Sarepta International Foundation

Sarepta International Foundation's goal is to help Haitians help Haitians to achieve a Healthier Haiti. We provide education support, humanitarian relief, job creation, and comprehensive healthcare services.

36 Bed hospital in Northern Haiti
Comprehensive mother/baby care
Child wellness vaccination care
Emergency services
Ambulance Transport
Surgical services
Med/Surg care
Humanitarian Aid Distribution

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Mobile Clinics

36 Bed Hospital

Tropical Disease Clinics

Reduce Infant Mortality

Complete Surgical Services

Comprehensive Maternity Care 

Ambulance Tr

Emergency Services

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We invite and welcome your support and participation as we serve the poorest of the poor in Northern Haiti. 
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6111 Southwest 33rd St.
Miramar, Florida 33023
We welcome your participation as we strive to enhance and grow the availability of quality healthcare to all in Haiti.